Monthly Archives: July 2018

A thought

I just love entering my studio from my living quarters, and this morning did just that. Well, actually have done that 2-3 times already and just now went out, perused an installation that I am working on, removed one small piece and added 3 bits of color to the piece. It’s such a good feeling for my work, my obsession, to be so close in proximity so that I can in the spur of the moment, see something, as small as a mark, a drop of color, that I want to do, and do it!!!!! right then.

I am still playing around and organizing my studio, and it’s been like Christmas finding all of the fun things from my previous studio and trying to find places for all of it in my reduced space.  So, I decided to take a few pictures to post on my “new Blog”.  My new website will be up soon.  Here are a few images for you to peruse just for fun.  I’m real excited to share with you and tell you about my new experiences. xoxoxoxo Grace